Pop up a quick shell with shell-pop

There are several ways of running a shell inside Emacs. I don’t find that I need to use it very often as I do so much within Emacs these days, but when I do it’s handy to quickly bring up the shell, run a command the then dismiss it again. The shell-pop package does this very smartly. One key combo (I use C-t) pops up a shell window for the directory containing the file you are currently editing, and then C-t dismisses the shell window when you are done.

The github page has lots of details on how to configure it, and I use a fairly minimal setup and use the ansi-term terminal emulator and zsh as my shell. Here is my configuration:

(use-package shell-pop
  :bind (("C-t" . shell-pop))
  (setq shell-pop-shell-type (quote ("ansi-term" "*ansi-term*" (lambda nil (ansi-term shell-pop-term-shell)))))
  (setq shell-pop-term-shell "/bin/zsh")
  ;; need to do this manually or not picked up by `shell-pop'
  (shell-pop--set-shell-type 'shell-pop-shell-type shell-pop-shell-type))

The last line is needed but I can’t remember where I got it from!



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