mu4e tutorials

This page summarises my posts on using mu4e as a powerful tool to handle email in emacs.

Master your inbox with mu4e and org-mode
Take control of your inbox and turn emails into todo items linked to your nicely archived emails. This gives my motivation for moving from thunderbird to mu4e.

When setting up mu4e, I advise using mbsync to download mail, and postfix to handle the sending of mail, as described in these posts

Migrating from offlineimap to mbsync for mu4e
Describes how I moved from using the default offlineimap to the faster mbsync for downloading mail.
Using postfix instead of smtpmail to send email in mu4e
Describes setting up your own mail server to speed up the sending of mail and easily handle queueing mail while offline.

The following posts describe tweaks I have made to make mu4e even better

Email templates in mu4e with yasnippet
Make smart email templates.
Email attachment reminders in mu4e
A crude way of reminding you to attach that file before you hit send.
Tweaking email contact completion in mu4e
Some tweaks to improve contact completion and insert a contact anywhere in an email.
Even better email contact completion in mu4e
Further improvements to contact completion to allow commas to complete an address and prompt for another
Undo-send and schedule email in mu4e
Add a delay to outgoing mail to allow you to undo sent mail. This has been superseded by mu4e-send-delay.
Use org-mode tables and structures in emails and elsewhere
Get the benefit of org-mode structures in your emails
Cycle through query history in mu4e
Quickly cycle through previous views.
Customise the reply quote string in mu4e
Customise the string that appears above a quoted reply.